Angular is exciting

Learning Angular 1 as a full-stack developer.

Angular is one of those hot buzzwords in the tech community these days. I’ve been curious to learn it but didn’t have any pressing reason to, compared to other things. Now I do (for work), and it’s great. The instructor for this course is awesome. I’m enrolled in other courses of his as well and am more excited to take them.

I also love how concepts such as controllers, configs, singletons, services, and so on carry over from my experience with Java web development so I can learn Angular faster and more easily.

Granted, this course is for Angular 1. There’s not much on Angular 2 right now, which is what we plan to use at work, but I figured learning Angular 1 first could only help. Angular 2 is unfortunately not backwards-compatible, so I will eventually be “throwing out” some knowledge for new stuff, but whatever.

Single Page Applications, here I come.

Edit: this stuff is tricky.