I have affirmations and goals. I have a travel blog that I have forgotten to maitain.

I love husband hugs and smiles, family, friends, food, learning, video games, books, dystopian sci-fi, rock climbing (but quit), feeling spent after a good run workout, writing things down, (failing at) learning Japanese

I like religion and moral philosophy, social justice, travel, board games, photography, piano, Markdown, spinning, weight-lifting

I make myself run, sleep, learn Spanish, play piano

I'm proud that I have a lot of people who love me, and I am fully self-taught in software development (no school or bootcamp), Spanish, photography. Also, I have run a 10k and 5k in one day, 5 ten-milers, and 2 half-marathons in 5 years.

I can't get myself to run a marathon, but we'll see


the present

backend: Scala

industry: e-commerce

version control: git (terminal/IntelliJ)

tools: vim, IntelliJ IDEA, Mac OS

the recent past

companies and industries: government contracting (for the U.S. Department of Labor), nonprofit, edtech, health insurance (under United Health Group and Optum Health), grocery/CPG, startup (series A), small and mid-size acquired

tools: vim, IntelliJ IDEA, Linux (Pop!_OS), Shortcut

data operations: Astronomer, Airflow, Snowflake, MySQL, Python, Scala, Google Cloud, Spark, Kafka

backend: Scala, PostgreSQL, Play, Cats, Play framework

tools: IntelliJ IDEA, vim, OSX,  Atlassian (Confluence, JIRA, Github), Photoshop, Lightroom, WordPress, Linux (Pop!_OS), Shortcut (formerly Clubhouse)


the past past

Finatra Jackson, Jackson, Java, Hibernate, scalaz, Spring 4+ (Boot, Session, Security, MVC, JPA, REST), Hazelcast, SQL (MySQL, MSSQL), C#, ASP.NET Core, Spock (TDD in Groovy), Groovy, Stash, Bitbucket, Websockets, CSS3, HTML, AngularJS 1, jQuery, Bootstrap, Material Design, Python, PHP, ColdFusion, long-polling, Sass, Visual Studio, Drupal, GIMP, CSS3, JavaScript (AngularJS 1, jQuery), Bootstrap, Material Design, gradle, maven,  gliffy (DB diagrams, flowcharts), ES6/React/Redux, Liquibase