Favorite anime and manga

Last updated: 2022/09/25


Chihaya from Chihayafuru

千早 (Chihaya) from ちはやふる (Chihayafuru) is passionate about what she does (Karuta). She inspires those around her with her passion and desire to uplift others, and shares with others in the joy of karuta. She can be quite brash yet still gets away with it :) because of how lovable she is. She is so passionate about her craft that she often collapses and sometimes gets sick from exerting herself too much and forgetting to eat. She is beautiful but pays no mind to that, or even doesn't realize it. She is just so focused on karuta! While she can push others to the point of annoyance because of her passion for karuta, she is otherwise wholesome, humble, tough on herself, and tough but loving to others.

She is used to having her sister be the star of her family and even encouraged it for many years, but when Chihaya starting shining herself in karuta, she tried to tell her family about it and largely got ignored. But when she found out that her parents have quietly been following her success in the newspapers, she cried out of joy and gratitude like any child would for being praised and valued by her parents, especially after feeling like a shadow to their sibling for so long.

I totally have a crush on her!


  • バルサ (Balsa) from 守り人 (Moribito)

Series and Movies

Attempting to put in alphabetical order.


  • Steins;Gate
  • ちはやふる (Chihayafuru)

Honorable Mentions

  • きみと、波にのれたら (Ride Your Wave) is more literally translated as, "If I could ride the waves with you." I think that translation more accurately captures the spirit of this movie. It's so sad... It captures the grieving process in a beautiful way. I hope to never experience this myself in real life. I love the theme song.
  • 君の名前 (Your Name) is just gorgeous, like all Shinkai Makoto movies. The first ending is very Japanese to me: kind of open-ended in possibility and interpretation, which is beautiful in its own way. The post-credits ending gives my heart joy.
  • リライフ (ReLIFE), with the OVA, has one of the most satisfying anime endings I've ever seen.


  • 乙嫁語り・A Bride's Story
  • よつばと!・Yotsuba and!